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During the course of the research, I’ve been grateful for the time given to me by legal and policy experts and commentators on fossil fuel subsidy reform from all over the world. On this page I include selected video and audio interviews from some of the commentators.

Suzi Kerr Interview – production and consumption subsidies for fossil fuel

Suzi Kerr Is an internationally renowned economist, senior fellow at Motu Economic and Public Policy Research and Adjunct Professor at Victoria University. She has published widely on economic and public policy aspects of domestic and international responses to climate change. I spoke with her in Wellington on the 8 September 2014, discussing a variety of issues relating to my research. This clip is a small part of our discussion, focusing on the distinction (from an economic and policy perspective) between production and consumption subsidies relating to fossil fuel. Read More

Interview – Peter Hardstaff – WWF-NZ on 2013 report Fossil Fuel Subsidies in NZ: Government Support

In June 2013, WWF-NZ published a briefing document following a multi-year analysis of government support fossil fuel exploration, production and consumption in New Zealand, Fossil Fuel Subsidies in NZ: Government Support. The purpose of the report was to set out what fossil fuel subsidies are, examine how they are being used in New Zealand and then present the case for reform. In September 2014 I met with Peter Hardstaff, Head of Campaigns at WWF-NZ in Wellington and spoke to him about the reason for WWF's interest in the issue of fossil fuel subsidies, his thoughts on prospects for subsidies being effectively addressed through international legal and institutional fora, the role of regional trade agreements, and New Zealand's role internationally in this Read More

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